Geneva 1850

Geneva 1850

Geneva 1850

A revolutionary journey

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Ville de Genève



Have you ever dreamed of time traveling to another era? This is the experience we propose to realize in partnership with the City of Geneva with this virtual immersion into the Geneva of 1850.

Headset strapped to your head, movement sensors attached to your wrists and feet, you are now all geared up to dive into the Geneva 1850 experience. This VR installation immerses users into the Geneva of a time when the city was on the brink of modernity. In groups of four, impersonating period costume-clad avatars, users are given a chance to discover the city as it was in October 1846, just days before its people rose up in insurrection. Featuring a spectacular number of special effects, the experience is not only a visual, auditory and olfactory one. It also includes a physical and haptic dimension — users can feel themselves walking around the virtual city and pick up actual objects to interact with their environment, their fellow travellers and city dwellers.

Based on 3D data collected through the digitization of the Magnin model exhibited at Maison Tavel, this extraordinary experience is an invitation to travel back in time and witness the outbreak of Geneva’s “Fazy” revolution.

Exhibition open from April 12th-July 14th, 2019 at Maison Tavel and from August 1st-September 29th, 2019 at the Museum of Art and History of Geneva. Book your tickets here.

More information on the VR technology here.


A co-production of Artanim and The Museum of Art and History (MAH)

Project direction, VR platform, 3D content creation, gameplay and R&D

Coordination City of Geneva, MAH
Félicien Mazzola, David Matthey, Bertrand Mazeirat

Marianne Brun

Director of actors
Dorian Rossel

Marco Calamandrei, Fabien Coquil, Xavier Fernandez Cavada, Delphine Lanza, José Lillo, Edmond Vuilloux

Concept art and illustrations
Laurence Suhner

Sound environment

Decors and haptic devices
Marc Wettstein

Smells creation
Firmenich SA

User equipment design
Actis-Datta Créations Sàrl

English dubbing
Dale Chappell, Melisa Epp, Andrew Fogarasi, Kenneth, Kriheli, Stephen Fu, Vince Melamed, David Richter, Steven Varnum

Voice over
Sabina Foeth

Scientific committee
Bénédicte De Donker, Estelle Fallet, Alexandre Fiette, Sylvain Wenger

City of Geneva, Ernst Göhner Foundation

Motion Capture of a Knight in Armor

Motion Capture of a Knight in Armor

Motion Capture of a Knight in Armor

Motion study

Project Info



Daniel Jaquet, a PhD student in Humanities, focuses his research on the description of fights in full armor in historical documents from the 16th century. Part of his thesis work aims at analyzing the range of possible movements while wearing such a 30 kg medieval armor. By using motion capture, he will be able to get a comprehensive amount of data.

For this mocap session, the main issue was related to the reflective surface of the armor. Indeed, reflections can be perceived as markers by the camera, introducing a lot of unwanted artefacts. By tuning our MXT40S cameras’ parameters and the reconstruction settings, we were able to solve this issue and collect good data for his study.

Thanks to:
Daniel Jacquet – History Department, Faculty of Humanities, University of Geneva
Prof. Bengt Kayser – Institute of Movement Science and Sport Medicine, University of Geneva
Stéphane Armand and Alice Bonnefoy – Willy Taillard Laboratory of Kinesiology, University Hospitals of Geneva

Related Publications

Jaquet D, Bonnefoy-Mazure A, Armand S, Charbonnier C, Ziltener JL, Kayser B. Range of motion and energy cost of locomotion of the late medieval armoured fighter: confronting the medieval technical literature with modern movement analysis, Hist Meth, 49(3):1-18, 2016.