From simple introductions to full production workshops, Artanim can tailor a course just for you.
Education is an important activity of Artanim. By getting to know motion capture and discovering its possibilities, professionals and students may better contribute to its development.

Artanim collaborates with schools and universities to add motion capture to their program.

However, our courses are not restricted to technicians and 3D artists. Film directors, actors, orthopedists, physiotherapists or any contributor from the various industries, in which motion capture can be used, can benefit from an introduction to this technology. Who knows, maybe they will come up with a new way to use it?

Artanim will adapt the course program to your needs, whether you want an extensive hands-on workshop to add to your 3D animation course, a half-day introduction for a group of orthopedists, or anything else!

Subjects we can cover include:

  • History of motion capture and state of the art
  • Capturing motion (calibration, capture, cleanup)
    • with the Vicon optical motion capture system
    • with the Xsens motion tracking system
  • Motion retargeting
  • Motion analysis for medical applications
  • Movement science

Our tutors have experience teaching 3D in various schools and universities.

We can give courses on-site (except for optical motion capture, which is done in our studio).

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