The Darkest Night

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December 1602 – the Duke of Savoy is about to send his troops into Geneva. Right as the ferocious Brunaulieu is the first to reach the top of the city walls, the shot of an arquebus echoes in the night, sounding the alarm. Thus begins a series of acts of bravery which will shift the tide of the battle – a humble cooking pot, thrown from an open window. A fiercely kept door, or a portcullis crashing into the ground with a thunderous roar… Those are but a few of the events you will witness during your turbulent journey through the Geneva of 1602!

With this VR installation, users will relive the events of this fateful night of December 1602 during which, as the citizens were sound asleep, the city was attacked by the troops of the Duke of Savoy. They will find their way through the dark streets and treacherous rooftops and, standing side by side with legendary figures of the Escalade, face the enemy!

This extraordinary experience is an invitation to travel back in time and was created in partnership with the Compagnie de 1602 who provided their expertise in historical reconstruction.

Permanently exhibited at the Dreamscape center in Geneva, level-1 of Confederation Center. Check for more information and to get tickets.

More information on the VR technology here.


Production, project direction, scenario, 3D content creation, gameplay and VR platform

Music and sound design
Alain Renaud

Scientific committee
Jean-Marc Barberis, Claude Bonard, Matthieu de la Corbière, Michelle Joguin Regelin, Daniel Villa, Museum of Art and History of Geneva

Motion capture actors
Jean-Luc Borgeat, Paolo Dos Santos, Medhi Duman, Sophie Gabus, Karim Kadjar, Olivier Lafrance, Delphine Lanza, Michaël Martin, David Obrist, Dorian Rossel

Stunts performers
Maxence Arendrup, Thibault Brunschwig, Olivier Lafrance, Thomas Laffet, Matteo Mancuso, Michaël Moser, Cyprien Raemy, Kilian Ruchti

French voice actors
Maxence Arendrup, Ségolène Bouët, Thibault Brunschwig, Célestin Casetta, Alessandro Capozzi, Fabien Coquil, Stefano Grasso, Antoine Heer, Mickaël Krebs, Jacques Perrot, Kilian Ruchti

English voice actors
Tony Behnam, Alexander Brown, Alessandro Capozzi, Medhi Duman, David French, Stefano Grasso, Peter Gould, Weston Heflin, Karim Kadjar, Sami Kali, Frances Favre, Jonathan Machen, James Miners, Gemma Parkes, Benjamin Otway, Max Otway, Mina Rauschenbach, Alain Renaud, Bill Sage, Shishir Sanghvi, Olivier Sidore

Decors and haptic devices
Raphaël Anderegg, Marc Wettstein

Smells creation
Leandre Lorson, Till Noack, Monica Sanchez Pozzo

Main partners
Compagnie de 1602

Other partners
DSM-Firmenich, Museum of Art and History of Geneva

Main supports
Artanim, Ernst Göhner Foundation

Other supports
CCIG, Synergix