Artanim, expert in the creation of immersive experiences, launched its new historic adventure on December 6th, 2023 in partnership with the Compagnie de 1602, showcased exclusively at the Dreamscape center in Geneva.

Building on the success of Geneva 1850, Artanim invites this time the inhabitants of Geneva on a journey through time, plunging them into the heart of the emblematic night of the Escalade of 1602. This immersive experience was designed in close collaboration with the Company of 1602 which provided its expertise by participating in the development of the script to guarantee its authenticity. A wide range of costumes, armor, period objects, and even professional performers, have been made available by the Company to allow an immersion as precise as possible.

Escalade – The darkest Night will replace Geneva 1850, the result of the partnership between Artanim and the Museum of Art and History of Geneva, which offered a virtual immersion in Geneva in the mid-19th century. This experience, which was acclaimed by Genevans, was offered in 2019 at Maison Tavel, then was revisited and brought up to date for the opening of the Dreamscape Geneva center in July 2022.

The adventure scents, including the scent of the soup of the Mère Royaume and the scent of torches, were designed in partnership with DSM-Firmenich.

The production was supported by Ernst Göhner Foundation, CCIG and Synergix.

Opening Night - Escalade