Superimposed Realities

A cycle of immersive experiences to showcase the Nyon amphitheater

Project Info




Built at the beginning of the 2nd century AD. and discovered in 1996 during earthworks, the amphitheater of Nyon is the sixth amphitheater unearthed in Switzerland and one of the most remarkable for its size and good conservation.
To enhance this archaeological site, a scenography designed specifically inside the arena allows visitors to wander freely on the site and discover there, in the form of three unique VR experiences, several temporal and spatial realities of the place.
About the three VR experiences:
Noviodunum | Historical experience
Based on the historical reconstruction carried out by Archeodunum and the Roman Museum of Nyon, this first experience offers visitors the opportunity to enter the amphitheater of Nyon in its Roman era.
Julius II Project | Architectural experience
In 2002, an international architectural competition was launched to convert the site of the amphitheater into an archaeological visitation site open to the public. This experience allows you to discover the winning project designed by the architect Bernard Pahud.
Rêverie | Artistic experience
Like the imaginary world of a child, participants are immersed in a fictional colorful illustration, where flora and fauna have reclaimed the remains of the amphitheater and the space occupied until today by humans.
The exhibition was open on October 3rd and 4th 2020 inside the Roman Amphitheater, Nyon.


Original idea
Yony Santos
Damien Greder

Production, direction, 3D content creation and gameplay

Project leaders
Fondation pour le développement du Musée romain – Daniel Rosselat
Service de la culture de la ville de Nyon – Monique Dubey, Veronica Tracchia
Fabienne Freymond

Musée romain de Nyon – Veronique Rey-Vodoz, Izmini Farassopoulos
Bernard Pahud architecte
Archeodunum – opérateurs en archéologie préventive, Pierre Hauser