Teo and Leonie


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Kenzan SA



While playing in an attic, Teo and Leonie stumble upon a necklace with extraordinary powers that allows them to travel through time and space. They are propelled through history and meet Leonardo da Vinci who attempts to bring them back to their time by all means. The three of them will have unbelievable adventures together, crossing paths with legendary characters, great explorers, notorious savants and ancient civilizations. They meet the greats of this world and take us behind the scenes of well known events as they truly unfolded, revealing some of History’s greatest secrets. The implications of their journeys take them further than they ever could have imagined.

For the trailer of this TV series created and realized by Kenzan SA, we performed the full performance capture of the characters (body and face), as well as the retargeting of animations on the 3D characters.


Production and realization
Kenzan SA

Motion capture