Real Virtuality

Immersive platform

Project Info

Start date:
April 2015

End date:
December 2020




The objective of this project is to develop a multi-user immersive platform combining a 3D environment – which can be seen and heard through a virtual reality (VR) headset – with a real life stage set. Users are tracked by a motion capture system allowing them to see their own bodies, move physically in the virtual environment and interact with physical objects.

The solution developed tackles the following technical challenges: 1) we generate a full body animation using inverse kinematics from a minimal number of markers to keep the user’s setup time as short as possible, while ensuring a good tracking accuracy; 2) the platform is multi-user and the VR headset interfaces wirelessly with the motion capture system; 3) the interaction with the objects is flawless and retargeted correctly; 4) the position and orientation of the user’s head is adequately handled to minimize latency (which would result in possible discomfort with the VR headset) and to maximize positioning accuracy.

This platform can be used in numerous applications, such as for virtual visits (e.g., long lost historical sites, architectural places, telepresence), entertainment (e.g., games, theme-park attractions, story-telling experiences) or medical projects (e.g., phobia treatment, rehabilitation). Our solution offers a “matrix-like” degree of immersion over a large area, up to hundreds of square meters.

Download the white paper here.

This platform is commercialized by Dreamscape Immersive. More information here.

Related Publications

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