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In an immersive exhibition where fragments of forest are displayed, two ecosystems interact, and sometimes in opposition: on one side the nature, with its fauna and flora, and on the other side a museum space with its spectators, its protocols, its rules and its staff. In this context, the user is asked to navigate between the two ecosystems and to play a dual role, moving in turn from the position of viewer or of being watched. This invitation to live the museum experience by transgressing the traditionally imposed limits leads the user to discover a series of poetic, ironic, disturbing and spectacular narrative paintings, and to question at the end of their journey their relationship with nature and its showcase. By being thus projected inside the museum system, the user will be able to truly measure the scope of the shock produced by the meeting of the two ecosystems.

For this immersive experience, we were in charge of the motion capture and retargeting of animations on the 3D characters, as well as of the VR application development.


Written and directed by
Simon de Diesbach

Hélène Faget

Writing collaboration
Olivier Vonlanthen, Marine Hugonnier

Production and direction assistant
Yael Golan

Caroline Murphy

Corinne Soland, Clovis Kasanda

Caroline Murphy

Modeling and animation
Simon Ott, Tristan Siodlak

Motion capture and characters animation

Interaction consultant
Benjamin Botros

Sound design
Tobias Herzog

VR application

Support by
Federal Office of Culture, Cinéforum, Loterie Romande, Virtual Switzerland