Closing the VR-loop around the human in CAD

Project Info

Start date:
June 2020

End date:
November 2021




VR+4CAD aims to tackle issues limiting the use of VR in manufacture and design as highlighted by the industries: the lack of full circle interoperability between VR and CAD, the friction experienced when entering a VR world and the limited feedback provided about the experience for future analysis.

In this project, we target CAD-authored design to be automatically converted and adapted for (virtual) human interaction within a virtual environment. Interaction is made more immediate by means of an experimental, markerless motion capture system that relieves the user from wearing specific devices. The data acquired by motion capture during each experience is analyzed via activity recognition techniques and transformed into implicit feedback. Both explicit and implicit feedback are merged and sent back to the CAD operator for the next design iteration.


Markerless motion capture, VR activity annotation

Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera (SUPSI)
CAD/VR interoperability, human activity recognition