Social VR experiences

Project Info

Start date:
October 2017

End date:
December 2020

EU H2020

Fundació i2CAT



VR-Together offers new ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) experiences based on social photorealistic immersive content. For this purpose, this project develops and assembles an end-to-end pipeline integrating state-of-the-art technologies and off-the-shelf components. The challenge of VR-Together is to create photorealistic truly social VR experiences in a cost effective manner. Immersive media production and delivery through innovative capture, encoding, delivery and rendering technologies. The project will demonstrate the scalability of its approach for production and delivery of immersive content across 3 pilots. It will introduce new methods for social VR evaluation and quantitative platform benchmarking for both live and interactive content production, thus providing production and delivery solutions with significant commercial value.

In this project, Artanim works on content production for the 3 pilots combining VR and offline/real time motion capture and develops new tools for immersive media production. We also participate in the evaluation of the developed social VR experiences.


Fundació i2CAT (Spain)

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (The Netherlands)

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (The Netherlands)

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (Greece)

Viaccess-Orca (France)

Entropy Studio (Spain)

Motion Spell (France)


Related Publications

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