A multi-platform solution

Project Info

Start date:
December 2012

End date:
October 2014




The goal of this project was to provide a multi-platform product presentation and customization solution. The Taylormatic platform allows designers and producers to present their customizable products in a virtual yet visually realistic manner to potential clients, allowing them to manufacture products as required. At the same time it provides users with the freedom to configure products to their liking, while presenting them with a visually convincing result.

As part of this project, we worked on the research and development of a Kinect-based gesture recognition solution, as well as a multi-Kinect body scanning solution. The body scanner allows for the accurate size-estimation of fully dressed customers, for products where a size recommendation needs to be made.

Taking into account the full 3D asset production pipeline from initial design to final 3D content, we furthermore designed and developed asset management plugins for Unity which allow for the management and export of 3D assets and their meta data. Based on this data, the applications we developed ranging from a full in-store virtual mirror to optimized iOS and Android solutions, can be fully customized to support a wide variety of product types and visual identities.


Concept creation, commercialization, asset design and creation

Body scanning solution, gesture recognition, application development and asset management