Motion and Unconsciousness

Analysis of joint action tasks

Project Info

Start date:
January 2013

End date:
December 2016

Fondation Agalma

Fondation Agalma


Social interaction generally involves a multi-layered interaction where there is an interplay of self and other representations together with a participatory factor where people feel “they do things together”. Descriptions of this interaction range from high-level intentional descriptions on shared representations down to precise motor, gestural and postural studies on behavioral coordination.

In this project, we used motion capture in order to record and study specific motor factors of two people when they engage in joint action tasks and/or in social interaction. It was hence possible to obtain quantitative measurements at the behavioral level (body posture, motor coordination and synchronization, nonverbal language, etc.) in order to explore the brain and bodily mechanisms that relate to it. Respiration coupling and dual electroencephalography were also performed in this project.


Fondation Agalma
Experimental tests

Motion capture and analysis

University Hospitals of Geneva – Service of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Experimental tests

EPFL – Brain Mind Institute
Acquisitions of physiologic data (respiration, EEG, etc.)

Related Publications

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