Mocap RSA

ROM analysis of RSA

Project Info

Start date:
January 2022

End date:
June 2023

La Tour Hospital



The goal of this project was to motion capture and simulate reverse shoulder prostheses (RSA) to evaluate post-operative ranges of motion during daily living activities. More specifically, we were interested at better understanding resulting glenohumeral and scapulo-thoracic motions, as well as kinematic changes after RSA.

The most challenging aspect of the project was to accurately reconstruct the post-operative prostheses of the patients. Indeed, the presence of metallic implants in CT can cause substantial image artifacts, which renders the 3D reconstruction difficult to perform. To solve this issue, patients were post-operatively scanned with a dedicated imaging protocol using a cone beam CT with reduced ionization, and a registration technique was developed to register the patients’ pre-operative 3D reconstructed bony models (scapula, humerus) and the CAD models of implants on the post-operative images.

In this project, Artanim was responsible for the segmentation and reconstruction of pre-operative and post-operative 3D bony and implants models, as well as for the dynamic simulation of reverse shoulder prostheses from motion capture data. The Haute Ecole de Santé was in charge of the post-operative registration.


Motion capture and simulation of reverse shoulder prostheses

Haute Ecole de Santé (HEdS)
3D registration of RSA models

La Tour Hospital
Clinical tests