Geneva 1850

A revolutionary journey

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Ville de Genève



Have you ever dreamed of time traveling to another era? This is the experience we propose to realize in partnership with the City of Geneva with this virtual immersion in the Geneva of 1850.

In this project, we propose to offer to the Geneva public a unique opportunity to dive into the heart of Geneva in 1850 using our technology Real Virtuality. Based on the 3D data of the Auguste Magnin’s model exhibited at the Maison Tavel and digitized during the PRAM project, visitors will be able to discover, in period attire, our city and its ancient fortifications; they will be able to walk in the streets, meet people or live daily moments of the time period. This immersive experience, both educational and entertaining, will allow young and old alike to relive as if they were there, a founding period of Geneva.

This project will be an opportunity to rediscover the masterpiece of Auguste Magnin, put it in perspective and offer with its virtual counterpart, the opportunity to dive completely into it.

Opening of the exhibition and of its immersive installation planned at the Geneva Museum of Art and History in April 2019.


A co-production of The Museum of Art and History and Artanim